973 Brock Rd. Unit 12

Pickering, Ontario, Canada

L1W 3A4

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Supporting People with Disabilities


The word "Liberty" means freedom.  We present hope by supporting families who are deeply concerned about the care and overall future of a disabled adult individual. 


Many families, as direct caregivers, often find it difficult to imagine what life will hold for their loved one after they pass on.  Who will take care of the individual?  What support systems are available?  Will the support system be familiar with the individual and their needs?

Our mission is to help families grow together and to be part of an inclusive community where an individual with a disability is accepted for who they are and the family unit can continue to live together.


Liberty Hamlets also offers specialized support services such as a Personal Support Worker and Respite Worker.  Booking services is easily done at the concierge desk.   


Accessible housing is in great demand as families all over North America seek housing that is safe and accommodating to people with various disabilities.  

It is no new news that families with a disabled individual member find the most amount of difficulties locating adequate housing that enables everyone to lead a fulfilling lifestyle.  Often times traditional houses need to be fully renovated, at very high costs.

Liberty Hamlets will design and construct  100% of all units as Accessible Designed. 

  • 80% of our condominium units will be sold to the general public. 

  • 10% of our condominiums can be customized to an individual's needs and abilities as an upgrade during the purchase period.

  • 10% of our units are geared specifically for families with an adult child with a disability.