973 Brock Rd. Unit 12

Pickering, Ontario, Canada

L1W 3A4

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Wider Entrance, Doors and Accessible Approved Handles

Entrance ways, doors and handles are all upgraded from the traditional sizes to aid in access and independence for people.  These features are especially useful for those who use mobility equipment.  


  • All doorway clearance within the suite will be wider to allow people with mobility ease at a clearance of 865mm (34 inches), at minimum.

  • All bedroom and bathroom doors will be at least 865mm (34”), at minimum opening.  Per the Ontario Building Code only one bedroom and bathroom door must comply.     These measurements will be applied to ALL our doors.

  • Door handles will belever style for easy manipulation.

Power Operated Front Door Entry

Power operated entrance is a convenience for residence with young children, mobility issues and overall easy.

  • All suite front door entrance will have the ability to have a power operated entry system rough-in ready for installation.

  • Front entrance doors and entrance will not only be wider with an appropriate size door, we will include a 600/300mm latch side clearance (LSC).



  • Grab bars and flexible handheld shower faucets greatly improve the functionality of the shower.

  • At least one bathroom in each suite will be equipped with a grab bar in the shower and a handheld shower faucet. 


  • Indoor Pool &Fitness Room

  • Social Lounge & Gathering Room

  • Outdoor Barbecue & Lounge

  • Shuttle Service within community (i.e. Go Station, Mall, Rec Centre)

  • Commercial Lease (i.e. Restaurant, Medical, Supportive Services)