973 Brock Rd. Unit 12

Pickering, Ontario, Canada

L1W 3A4

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Kitchen Upgrades

You have the option to custom design a kitchen that is functional to you.  Upgrades include following, where possible. 


  • Minimum of 1100mm clearance around kitchen island 

  • Under-sink clearance at 686mm

  • Accessible countertop heights will be at 863mm

Accessible Appliances

  • Side-opening oven

  • Double-door fridge

  • Cooktop with knee clearance

  • Dishwasher drawer

Further Modifications

  • Pre-planned electrical outlet placements

  • Accessible hardware

  • Easy slide doors

  • Closets with easy reach

  • Color/tonal contrast package 

  • Emergency Back-up Power within the suite