973 Brock Rd. Unit 12

Pickering, Ontario, Canada

L1W 3A4

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Bathroom  Upgrades

Roll-in Tiled Shower

The shower area is accessible by wheelchair, allowing a smooth floor transition

surface. This design is also useful for people with walking mobility issues.  

Larger Bathroom Floor Space          

  • Transfer Space at a minimum of 900mm x 1500mm space beside toilet 

  • Turning Radius at a minimum of 1500mm


Turning Radius Accommodation

(Wheeled Mobility Device Users)

Our bathroom specifications are modified to include additional clearances, up to 900mm x 1500mm. This will improve the clearance for transfer space beside the toilet, shower, and knee allowance underneath the sink. The additional space is over and beyond The Ontario Building Code which is 1500mm turning radius in bathrooms.  


Under-sink Knee Clearance

This amount of knee clearance will allow people in wheelchairs to have the proper sink and under countertop space to utilizing the washroom fully and independently. For example, the sink height will be approximately 863mm with a knee clearance of 686mm.